Queensland Football School aims to provide a culturally diverse environment where all cultural backgrounds are welcome, respected and embraced. 

Queensland Football School has a zero tolerance of racism, and any student who exhibits any form of racist behaviour will have their enrolment immediately terminated. 

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to be involved in Queensland Football School events wherever possible, promoting a healthy, supportive environment for not only students but the entire school community. 

Parents, caregivers and supporters attending school football and futsal matches are expected to uphold the school's code of conduct for both students and parents, respecting school staff, coaches and officials. 

Students, parents and caregivers are expected to participate in fundraising events wherever possible. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to volunteer their time at the school, whether it be through working bees, facility maintenance or volunteering in the tuckshop. This assistance will help to keep our school fees as low as possible as well as setting a wonderful example and promoting a fantastic culture for our children to be a part of. 

Annual events for parents and caregivers at the school will help to promote friendship and support amongst our families. 

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