Football Philosophy

Queensland Football School aims to deliver a world-class footballing education to driven, hard-working young athletes. We will strive to offer excellence in every aspect of our programs. Our drive is to provide a professional footballing environment, the likes of which does not presently exist in Australia. 

We will offer professional coaching, recovery, nutrition, sports psychology and wellbeing services. In return we will have the highest of expectations relating to respect, discipline, motivation and work ethic. 

On the pitch we will look to play attractive, free flowing football. Our players will be capable of playing within multiple systems and formations. We will play positively, and always with intent. We will always respect our opponent, the officials, our teammates, the game we love and, importantly, ourselves. 

Excellence is what we will always strive for, and we will accept nothing less. Not as an individual, not as a team and not as a school. 

Queensland Football School; through hardship to the stars!

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