Junior School

Years 4 to 6

We believe that the primary years of education must provide the foundations for success. With this in mind, our creative curriculum aims to build these foundations and develop each student through a holistic approach to teaching and learning. 

Using the Australian Curriculum, teachers, under the guidance of the Dean of Academics, will collaborate and design a multi-age curriculum that meets the diverse needs of our students. At Queensland Football School, we have a shared passion; football. What separates us from the rest is our ability to weave football into every aspect of our curriculum, providing a range of relatable contexts in which students can learn. 

The unprecedented diversity of Queensland schools is a demonstration of the necessity to implement a multi-age structure. We recognise the different paces at which students learn and it is the duty of the teachers to ensure that the students are best supported and surrounded by likeminded students who can share and celebrate individual learning goals. Queensland Football School will engage a “standards of learning” approach, rather than a “standards of achievement” approach, which creates a more detailed picture of what each student knows and can do, and identifies individual students’ learning needs. 

At Queensland Football School, students in years 4 to 6 will have the opportunity to engage with thematic units of study in the subject areas of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, The Arts, Technologies, Health and Physical Education, and Football. 

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