About Queensland Football School

The motto of Queensland Football School is "Per Aspera Ad Astra", Latin for "Through Hardship to the Stars". The motto sets in place the School's expectation in relation to work ethic, not only regarding football training but also education, promoting equity and excellence in all areas of study. 

The educational philosophy of Queensland Football School is multi-age and child-centred with a strong focus on individual strengths. Queensland Football School aims to foster intellectual, physical, social, emotional, moral, spiritual and aesthetic development and wellbeing of young Australians. Emphasis will be placed on educational outcomes, with Queensland Football School ensuring that students meet their academic goals whilst pursuing their football careers. Through the development and delivery of creative curriculum, Queensland Football School aims to provide students an effortless transition between educational and sporting endeavours. Teachers will also be exposed to a range of professional development opportunities to enhance teaching practices at the school and beyond, supporting quality teaching and school leadership. 

The program at Queensland Football School aims to encourage students to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens, and will achieve this aim by striving towards autonomy, mastery and purpose. The school aims to encourage parents, carers, families, the broader community and young people themselves to hold high expectations for their educational outcomes. Queensland Football School aims to promote a culture of excellence by providing students with challenging and stimulating learning experiences and opportunities that enable them to explore and build their gifts and talents. Students and staff alike will have the opportunity to plan activities independently, collaborate, work in teams and communicate ideas. Football will be integrated into the academic program where appropriate, ensuring that students who struggle to maintain interest in their studies remain engaged. 

Students will undertake short courses as part of their studies at Queensland Football School which will see them acquire coaching and refereeing licences, ensuring that a career in football - outside of a professional playing career - is an option for graduating students. Queensland Football School will promote personalised learning that aims to fulfil the diverse capabilities of each student. Flexible programs can be arranged to suit a heavy training schedule, and the opportunity to complete year 12 over 2 years will be available to students who participate in high-level competition which can impact their school attendance. 

The vision of Queensland Football School is to develop players to an elite level, enabling them to pursue professional football careers. Students will thrive in an environment where they can reach their full potential both on and off the pitch. The culture at Queensland Football School will be nurturing, protective and encouraging, with an emphasis placed on positive relationships amongst peers. The school aims to develop a positive sense of self-worth, self-awareness and personal identity that enables students to manage their emotional, mental, spiritual and physical well-being. Students will develop personal values and attributes such as honesty, resilience, empathy and respect for others. 

Queensland Football School is highly multicultural and will maintain a zero tolerance of racism or discrimination based on gender, language, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion, health or disability, socioeconomic background or geographic location. Different cultures will be embraced by all students and staff, with annual events celebrating diversity. The school will build on local cultural knowledge and experience of indigenous students as a foundation for learning, and work in partnership with local communities. 

"Continuous evolution involves challenge. If something doesn't challenge then the individual will not evolve."
— Edgardo Bauza

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