Frequently Asked Questions

Q) My son/daughter already plays NPL. Why would they need to attend a football school in addition to their club training?

A) Queensland Football School aims to provide ambitious school-aged Australian footballers with the opportunity to compete with their international counterparts by providing access to daily football training and study. School-aged footballers in Europe train up to 9 times per week. Australian children train on average 3 times per week at an elite level. Queensland Football School provides talented footballers with the opportunity to perfect technique, achieve peak fitness, participate in strength & conditioning programs, study the theoretical aspects of football and undertake sports psychology sessions, ensuring that students have the necessary skills and attributes to pursue a professional football career.  

Q) Does Queensland Football School offer a female program?

A) Yes. Each classroom consists of 18 boys and 7 girls. Female students train with male players as well as participating in female-only sessions. 

Q) How will you manage my son's/daughter's load?

A) Our football coaches and staff are highly experienced in load management and will ensure that your child is not placed at risk. Queensland Football School will work alongside your child's club coaches to ensure their training schedule is appropriate. Queensland Football School utilises state-of-the-art player management software which records your child's information and can be shared amongst peers. 

Q) Do you have a futsal program?

A) Yes. All students attending Queensland Football School will participate in our futsal program and futsal competitions. 

Q) Can my son/daughter play football or futsal only?

A) No. Our program is all-inclusive and all students attending Queensland Football School are required to play both football and futsal. 

Q) My son/daughter has never played football or futsal before. Can they still come to Queensland Football School?

A) Your child should be playing club football or futsal at a high level before you consider trialling them with Queensland Football School. 

Q) Do you offer scholarships?

A) Scholarships are offered to families who are experiencing financial hardship only. Proof of financial hardship is required. Scholarships are not offered to talented athletes. 

Q) What competitions will Queensland Football School be entering?

A) Queensland Football School will participate in local, interstate and international competitions which are subject to change each year. 

Q) Can my child still obtain an ATAR at Queensland Football School? 

A) Students studying at Queensland Football School will still obtain an ATAR.

Q) We don't live on the Gold Coast. Can my child still attend Queensland Football School? 

A) Queensland Football School is accepting applications for enrolment from all over Australia. There is no catchment zone. Unfortunately we cannot accept international enrolments at this stage. 

Q) How many children will be at Queensland Football School? 

A) Queensland Football School has accreditation for 225 students, allowing for 18 males and 7 females per grade. 

Q) Is Queensland Football School religious? 

A) Queensland Football School is an independent private school and is not associated with any religion. Students attending the College do not participate in any religious classes. Queensland Football School welcomes students of all faiths. 

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